Carreducker student testimonials

We've taught hundreds of enthusiasts from around the world at our Shoe and Leather School, here's what they have to say...

Wonderful teachers...

Beatrice, Brazil

“Thank you Deborah and James for being wonderful teachers... I’m even thankful for the blisters now that I can see the results of the hard work”

Thank you for the wonderful time...

Sviatoslav, Ukraine

“That course…became one of the most important stages in my life. Thank you for that wonderful time”

A genuinely rewarding experience...

Ira, USA

"A genuinely rewarding experience. I still look at the shoes I made and marvel at what Deborah and James helped me to accomplish."

Highly recommend...

Derrek, Netherlands

“The courses…provide each student with a chance to explore their own style and creativity. I would highly recommend taking a course to anyone remotely interested in shoemaking or leathercraft.”

Recommend to anyone...

Natalya, USA

"I would recommend this course to anyone."

Best three weeks of my education...

Carina, Denmark

"Thank you for the best three weeks of my education. I feel very fortunate that I had the opportunity to follow your course".

A jumping off point to greater things

Ira, USA

It really is a jumping off point to greater things and encourages you to see your project through to the end."

I've become a life long shoemaker...

Derrek, Netherlands

“They (sic) make it easy to get lost in the world of shoemaking. Having attended classes for just over two years, I've become a committed life-long shoemaker.” was fun

Rob, USA

"First of all, it was fun AND a great hands-on introduction to traditional English shoe making. I learned a lot.”

An eye-opening experience...

Weifen, Singapore

" was an eye-opening experience for me. Definitely interesting to see how much work goes into a pair of handmade shoes".

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